Money Number One 2013 Now Available

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Money Number One man Neil Hutchison has been at it again with the latest edition of the original book now entitled Money Number One 2013 Edition.

Traditionally known as the Pattaya Bible, in this book, Neil updates and adds to many of the original stories and has included new stories unpublished anywhere else.

The stories contained within the book are based on Neil’s own experiences and those gleaned from the many male tourists who have come to  intimate grips with the Pattaya bar girls of Pattaya Thailand

This book is not available anywhere else on the planet except right here at the PayPal link below.

Neil’s Description of Money Number One 2013

“Well, we have made it to 2013 without so much as a whimper on 21 December 2012 and the doomsday prophets have all gone back to their books of fairy tales to see where they went wrong.
This means that the revised 2013 Edition of Money Number One is now completed.  The 2013 Edition will only be available for download at the money number website; it will not be sold in printed format.  Whether we like it or not, printed books are going the way of vinyl records and video tape.
Before going any further let me state that this book is THE SAME as earlier editions except it has been UPDATED to reflect the changes which have occurred in Pattaya over the years.  And there have been many changes; some of them are regrettable but, for the most part, not fatal.
As with all previous editions, the author shirks all responsibility for the content and offers the following warning:
This book is for entertainment only and was written in the spirit of fun.  No disrespect or offense to any individual or group of people is intended or implied.  These pages contain generalizations, anecdotes and references to personal experiences, observations and opinions.  Stories relating to the author’s personal experiences are as accurate as his consumed beverages-affected memory will allow.
Absolutely no effort has been made to authenticate stories passed on by third parties.  Stories told through word of mouth tend to change somewhat each time they are related but they are included because in the opinion of the author, editor and publisher, each one reflects a plausible scenario.  Any similarity or resemblance to any person alive or dead is their problem.
Tips and advice are offered with the best of intentions but if you come to Thailand for a holiday, follow any or all the suggestions offered and still screw up, it’s your problem.
The prices referred to throughout this book are quoted in Thai baht.  Although due care has been taken, they are approximations and should only be used as a guide”.

While the world around is in constant change mode, there are some things here in Pattaya that never change and the catch cry “Money Number One” can still be heard echoing up and down every soi from the big dolphin roundabout to the far end of walking street Pattaya and beyond Jomtien to bounce off the border gaurd’s post at the Cambodian border.

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