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Of all the challenges that couples who have spent a long time together face, the one that often stands out above the rest, is being able to maintain the sexual passion and flame and that often wanes in their lovemaking.

500 Love making Tips and Secrets Review of what it contains:

In this 500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets Review, I offer an independent and critical view of it’s contents. I decided to read the 500 lovemaking tips to find out if this book is one which can indeed help to bring back that lost physical passion. While the early stages of a new relationship are generally filled with hot and steamy love  making sessions which at the time seem unforgettable, many couples find after time that the spark dies and the passion that once was a regularly nightly event that they both looked forward to, could not be rekindled.

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Rekindle the Fire.

Beginning with a basic foundation and comprehension of lovemaking, I found while reading the 500 tips , the e-book provides in-depth discussions on things like love making toys, blue movies, the relative imperatives of maintaining romance in a relationship and also gives a brief history of some of the material that has been written over the years on lovemaking, such as what secrets are hidden under the book covers of the Kama Sutra etc. There is also discussion on the various lubricants used and the importance of them in some situations. There are 16 nicely illustrated love making positions in the back of the book but the real values I found while researching for the 500 lovemaking tips and secrets review, are the actual 500 tips and secrets themselves.

One of the things I really found helpful and fun was to be able to open the book, select any page and find up to ten easily understood tips you can experiment with immediately or give you inspiration for later.

Easy Reading: These are formatted in such a way that they are able to be quickly read and understood and can be put to use immediately without having to go through countless pages to get to the techniques. Lovemaking is often a spur of the moment event and these tips can give you quick ideas to experiment with immediately.

About the tips: So, here is something about the 500 love making tips themselves. In reading the 5oo secrets, I found the book contains a total of 539 tips in all and addresses topics such as oral sex for both male and female, personal  little games you can play to introduce foreplay, the sensitive and sensual areas of the human body to stimulate in sexuality and a general in-depth overview of the sexual act of intercourse. It also provides examples of acts that can be performed as a lead up to lovemaking such as before and after shower games and some unusual but sensual places to make love, that would not normally occur to most people.

This great little book is a virtual treasure trove of tips and secrets which often will have your imagination taking over and developing your own ideas from the incentives provided. Because the tips are randomly mixed together, (all 539 of them) it can become a little overwhelming at first so I suggest that you should have a brief skip through it to get the general idea of how it’s been written as opposed to trying to take it all in within one reading session.

While the book is not written in a degrading, raunchy, or perverted way it provides a wide moral guide to lovemaking not often seen in many other books written on the same subject that are quite often teetering on the brink of the gutter.

This book has actually been highly recommended to couples by various renowned clergy throughout the various communities and within church groups as well as by numerous relationship counselors and is heavily endorsed by many.

To close the book cover:

Not all the tips appealed to me (which is to be expected as an individual) but I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable book to read and is the most comprehensive and in-depth book on love making I’ve ever read.

I hope you have found my 500 love making tips and secrets review helpful and I strongly recommend it to all regardless of age.

Mike Upton.

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