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Money Number One, A Fool In Paradise.


Following hot on the heels of his best seller, “Money Number One”, Neil Hutchison continues his in-depth investigation into the tourist playground of Pattaya and the antics of those who ply their trade in Walking Street Pattaya.

This collection of short stories, originally published individually under the pseudonym “A Fool In Paradise”, form a collage of insights into the machinations of this fantastic city on the eastern seaboard of Thailand.

About A Fool in Paradise

What this book contains is a connection of observations, personal opinions and experience. The stories are all true except for the ones that aren’t. These could best be described as being ‘based on true events,. Most names have been changed to protect the innocent or stupid. Names of the girls have not been changed because they are the bastards I want to
Many of the stories were first published in Pattaya Expat magazine, Pattaya Trader magazine and Pattaya Today newspaper.
The chapters fall in no particular order but, where two or more tales are related, they should appear in more or less chronological order.
The last chapter, ‘Footprints in the sand’, is different. It is not meant to be amusing, but was written as the events unfolded. It needed to be written and needs to be read by anyone who believes that Pattaya will not or can not affect their lives.

It needs to be read by any man currently in a relationship or contemplating entering a relationship with a Thai lady. The story is not unique by any means but demonstrates how Iittle we actually know about ourselves and how little we foreign men understand about the nature of Thai women.

A Fool in Paradise is an extremely funny book at most times and opens a new world for many who have not yet visited Thailand and should be read by anyone considering such a visit.

Book Contains 236 pages

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