How to Make Money In Thailand a popular Topic

how to make money in ThailandThere  are approximately 1300 searches per month on Google for ways in which to learn how to make money in Thailand and the number of times this topic has been discussed in various venues including Thailand bars is unfathomable.

“The best way to make a small fortune in Thailand is begin with a large one” has also been bantered around bars worldwide for over 30 years because there a very few ways in which to make serious money in Thailand simply because the serious money in Thailand is being held very close to the chests of those who already have it. It’s understandable that people from afar have the desire to live in Thailand and particularly the older folk who’ve been there, done that and bought the tee shirt in their own countries and now want to get away from it all and semi-retire in Thailand.

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How Not to Make Money In Thailand!

The idea of buying a bar, finding an honest Thai wife to help run it and settle down in blissful harmony has been the pipe dream of thousands over the years but there are very few indeed who have actually reached the heights of success their dreams and expectations of actually making money in Thailand held.

The reasons for this vary but in so many cases, it’s either one or both of following two things which have been their ultimate downfall.

  • Women and
  • Booze

The allure of playing with staff becomes overwhelming for some and for good reason as any hetro-sexual male visitor to Thailand will attest to. Thailand bar girls are no different to any other bar girls or employee of any money making organization in the need to “keep the boss happy” and if a little flirting and dallying on the side achieves that goal it’s quite natural.
However, in order to successfully learn how to make money in Thailand by owning a bar, one must first learn how to be circumspect in dealing with the female members of the staff. I know of one particular expat bar owner in Pattaya who’s a millionaire many times over and became such by no more than exercising this rule coupled with a bit of natural business sense for over 30 years and still runs the same bar. Of course he learned a long time ago that investing in real estate was a prime way to make money in Thailand and did so by buying condos with his profits  which he either  rented out to foreign tourists or carried out renovations and re-sold for maximum profit.
No. Owning a bar in Thailand or becoming too involved with Thai Girls is not the best way to learn how to make money in Thailand, it’s only one of the ways in which to do so.

 How to Make Money In Thailand Alternatives.

  • Teach English
  • Own a Restaurant
  • Write a Book
  • Open a Guesthouse
  • Work for the Thai Government (Thailand Tourist Authority)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • EBay
  • Blogging For Money
  • Doing online product surveys

You can make substantial amounts of cash simply by doing online product surveys. This method simply involves filling out survey forms already already provided by the survey companies. Each survey pays you to fill out the forms and it’s also a good way in which to get free products which range from food, electrical appliances, tolls and even sporting gear such as fishing gear and marine electronics.

Learn how to get cash for surveys here

If you’re already living in Thailand and are looking ways in which to save money, you might want to try aquaponics. The Thais use every possible method to make money and aquaponics is just one of them.

You can learn all about DIY aquaponics here.

I mentioned writing a book because it’s exactly how Neil Hutchison learned how to make money in Thailand and is  how this site came about. Neil Hutchison wrote the books you see at the top of this page and has been able to live and make a reasonable income in Thailand for the past 11 years and while writing a book may be a daunting task for some, Neil is not the only one who’s been able to do so.
However, for the most effective way to make real money in Thailand all that’s needed is a computer and an internet connection.
If you look around this site, you’ll see various pictures and links which take you to other websites. These websites are generally sites which market products online.
Online marketing has become huge over the past few years with most of the large retail outlets now selling their goods through the Internet. However, they don’t rely wholly on their own sites to promote these products but rather pay commissions to other people who in turn build their own sites on which they market products and services for which they receive commissions form the mother company.
This is called “Affiliate Marketing” and has made vasts sums of money for those entrepreneurs who have been willing to learn how to build simple blogs which on which to display and sell products. It’s an excellent way in which to learn how to make money in Thailand but is also an excellent way in which to make money anywhere.
It’s not difficult to do but does require some training and rudimentary computer skills for which there are many online Internet Marketing course available. Some of these are free but to be quite honest, the free ones just don’t cut it and are usually made available in order to get the student to invest in a payed course.
Some of the paid courses are not much better than the free ones which don’t provide nearly enough training to learn how to make money successfully online. The paid courses range in price but realistically, there are are few things you can get for free or low cost these days which are any good.

Pattaya Girls Stories
You can expect to pay around $200 for a decent course which is a pittance of what can be made online through Internet Marketing once the student grasps the concept and training many of which are both in PDF instructions and step by step tutorial videos.
One such course was recently released by a New Zealand guy named Mark Ling who has become an extremely wealthy man through affiliate marketing and is now sharing his methods in a 12 week online course.

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It’s a great way for how to make money in Thailand because it requires no handling or shipping of products and can be done anywhere in the world.
There are several expats making money and living in Thailand using these methods.

New Zealander Mark Ling has become very successful indeed using techniques he’s honed over the years for making money online through Affiliate Marketing and is now sharing his secrets in a free online course. By using the methods Mark teaches, you too can easily learn how to make enough money to be able to live in Thailand.

Mark is offering a complete training course absolutely FREE for a limited time only right now!

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