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Living in Thailand

 Foreigners Living In Thailand

Living in Thailand is an alluring prospect for many people and particularly living in places like Phuket Thailand or Koh Sumui where the idyllic climate offers all round tropical weather but many who want to live in Thailand don’t have the financial resources to do so.

While there are jobs for foreigners living in Thailand, they are few and far between and most require at least a rudimentary understanding of the language. Learning Thai is not difficult providing you are either taught by a Native Thai speaker with an excellent knowledge of English or a native English speaker with a good knowledge of Thai. There are many programs which can be purchased online so you can teach yourself but when selecting one, be sure to select one which has audio featuring a native Thai speaker as the various rising and lowering tones  associated with Thai are imperative if you expect to be understood by Thais.

Retire in Thailand Info

How to Retire in Thailand Tips

The popularity of Thailand has prompted many queries on how to retire in Thailand and these questions are not only being asked by traditional retirees of the older generations but also from much younger people both attached and single.


As one of the former, I made the decision to retire in Thailand some years ago and have never regretted the decision to do so. However, there were several important issues to address before making the decision to live in Thailand on a permanent basis, not the least of which was medical considerations.



As mentioned, I’m one of the older groups known as baby boomers and as such have to be practical in the assumption that as I age there is every probability that I will be needing more medical attention, not the least of which will be dental treatment. Many baby boomers have made the decision to retire and live in Thailand.

Dental work part of Retire in Thailand plan

As a prelude to my decision to retire in Thailand, on one of my frequent trips I found it necessary to have some dental work carried out, a move which I’d been putting off for over a year because of the price I’d been quoted in my home country of Australia where I’d been advised it would cost around 3 thousand Australian dollars to have 2 molars capped.

Needless to say I was astounded when quoted 10,000 Thai Baht (around $300 aud) for the same work to be carried out. As a result I didn’t bother to wait to retire to Thailand before having the work carried out over a period of only 3 days from the initial visit to the dentist.

From a personal perspective and having known several friends who made recomendations, I went for the dental clinic across the street who carried out a terrific job while being flanked by the 2 loveliest dental nurses I’d ever seen who made me forget all about the drill or the injections simply by smiling.

However, dental packages are not the only reason for considering the option to retire in Thailand although with similar prices associated with other medical expenses in Thailand, it is a worthwhile consideration.

The overall living expenses in Thailand are also much cheaper than those we of the west are accustomed to and the ability to live in Thailand and create an income in Thailand on a budget of around $550 per month makes it an added attraction.

Of course there are many other benefits associated with living in Thailand not the least of which are the Thai people themselves who are exceptionally friendly and helpful.

Thai women are acclaimed by many as the most beautiful on the planet and although I may be a little biast, it was the a Thai woman who pushed me over the edge in making my decision to retire to Thailand.