internet in Thailand


I recently purchased an Iphone with a view to connecting my laptop to the Internet in Thailand which I’ve found to be far easier and more reliable and cheaper in the than the using the traditional method of connecting to an ADSL connection through a phone line.

I had previously been using the traditional method but it meant that every time I went home to Australia, I had to either disconnect the line or pay around 800 baht per month while I was away to keep it connected.

Traditional Thailand Internet Unreliability.

The ADSL Internet in Thailand is notoriously slow and unreliable with constant dropouts which occur at the most inconvenient times which for most Internet users is always and if you rely on the internet to keep in touch with family or even in your work as many do, it can be extremely frustrating and for those who use it in their work or business, also very costly. This is caused primarily by the poor and inexpensive infrastructure put in place when the internet was first put in place back in 1996 but by 1999 there were estimated to be around 18 million internet users in Thailand and the original infrastructure was simply overloaded to the hilt and although moves have been made over the years to rectify the problems, major problems still exist.

Internet In Thailand International Gateways.

Code Name Operator
IIG-CAT International Internet Gateway CAT Telecom
IIG-TOT International Internet Gateway TOT
TIG-IIG True International Internet Gateway True Internet
TTGN-IIG TT&T Thailand Global Network Gateway TT&T
IIG-ADC ADC International Internet Gateway Advance Datanetwork Communications
CSL-IIG CS Loxinfo International Gateway CS Loxinfo
SBN-IIG International Internet Gateway Super Broadband Network

However, in recent years with the introduction of smart phones initially by Apple, more options to connect to the Internet in Thailand became available.

There are 8 basic steps to connecting your laptop to the Internet in Thailand but it’s important to be aware that while 3G on any smart phone is readily available when buying a local sim card, if the steps outlined below are enabled without first setting up a monthly account with AIS, your account balance will be reduced very quickly so it’s highly recommended that this easy step is carried out first.

There are AIS offices and sub-branches in all the major shopping centers throughout Thailand and setting up an account is an easy process but be sure to take your passport along when applying.

A monthly unlimited account will cost around 900 baht per month but if you are only staying for a few weeks it’s still worthwhile the investment and should you decide to come back ata later date, your account will still be active providing you retain the same phone number by topping up your phone account (which is separate) so that it doesn’t expire in your absence. A 1000 baht top up will last well into the future and you won’t have to be concerned over having to give out a new phone number to your friends and acquaintances with each visit.

Note: It’s highly recommended to use your USB date cable to connect your Iphone to your computer. This ensures that you will run the battery down in your Iphone.

8 Steps In Connecting to the Internet in Thailand.

Step 1.

Touch the “settings” icon on your Iphone.










Step 2

Scroll down and touch “General”










Step 3

Touch Cellular Data so it’s on










Step 4.

In the same window of you Iphone, touch “Personal Hotspots” so it too is on.










Step 5.

You will then need to enter you Iphone’s Wi-Fi password which can be found on the same window as above after step 3 into the box which appears on your lap top’s screen.










Note: It is not necessary to enable WI-FI on your Iphone whn using a cable to connect to your laptop.










To save battery life in your Iphone it’s a good idea to turn the above settings off when not tethered to your lap top however you can leave cellular data on if you wish to use access the internet while in Thailand through you Iphone only when away from your computer.

You are now set up to use your Iphone to connect your laptop to the Internet In Thailand.