Easiest Way to Make Money in Thailand.

Learning how to make money in Thailand has been an extremely popular converstaion in bars and homes around the world for decades and though many have tried, few have been successful.

I learned how to make money in Thailand a few years ago by sheer coincidence after I read Neil Hutchison’s Money Number One series of books which include Money Number One, A Fool in Paradise, The Fool is Back,  and The Fool’s Diary.

After talking with Neil I saw an oportunity to make money in Thailand by selling his books online by creating a website but had no idea of how to go about it! It was during my search to find website building tutorials that I came across Mark Ling’s Affiloblueprint course which is an in-depth tutorial on not only how to make money online but also provides step by step instuctional videos on on how to build wordpress blogs which generate money from niche marketing.

Niche Marketing is another phrase to describe Affiliate Marketing which simply means marketing other people’s products which are available online. For each item you sell though your blog, you receive a generous commission from the vendor.

Building a blog using wordpress is very easy but learning which products to promote and how to promote them successfully is a skill which requires skills not easily mastered without specific instructions.

See an extremely informative video from Mark Ling below on how to find profitable niches and an indepth description of what Affiliate Marketing is all about.


 Lean More About How to Make Money in Thailand with AffiloBlueprint by clicking on the Blue link above.

I went through the original course back in 2009 and Internet marketing has come a long way since then. Back in days, it was simple to put up a website with a few affiliate links and make a good profit but as Internet Marketing has changed, so have the techniques and Mark’s latest updated version 3 of AffiloBluePrint covers them all in easy step by step instructions and explanation an 8 year old can understand. Indeed there are kids out there of that age who are have learned how to make money in Thailand online through the techniques outlined in Mark’s course although technically you need to be 18. However, many Thai kids under that age are making money in Thailand online as are kids all around the globe.

Using Google Addsense to Make Money in Thailand

Not every affiliate marketing site is of good high quality and without specialized training your chances of making the sort of money to be able to live and make an income in Thailand are minimal, however, there are some poor quality site out there making money simply by using adsense which is another form of online marketing.

I’m sure you’ve seen the highlighted sections of some Google searches usually at the top of the page.

These are Google Adsense adds ! You can see them on this page!

Merchant’s pay Google to have these adds displayed and if you have them on your sebsite, you will get a percentage of whatt the vendor pays Google. This is a commission payed to you by Google who then charge the merchant for that ammount.

It’s advantageous to everyone because the merchant gets visitors to his site, Google gets their money and so do you.

Websites that happen to be terribly made and hard to get around won’t deliver ideal effects. Savvy web site owners make the best of the circumstance and never let them selves to reduce their income by creating highly optimized pages for the seach engines.

I know of several expats living and making money in Thailnd by building adsense sites only but more about this in another post!


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