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Regardless of your race, color, creed, age, size, shape or sexual preferences, like Thailand the money number one site has something for YOU….the ladies and gentlemen. Whether you’re married, single, divorced or wanna be, you’ve come to the right place. Money is Number One in Thailand.

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Wherever you venture in “The Land of Smiles” …where there are beer bars and go-go to avail, the same Money Number One principals will apply regardless of which waymoney number one you swing your club or even if you don’t have one .

Featuring among other things  are the “Money Number One” series of books by infamous author Neil Hutchison

We also have a huge following in countless online forums centered on Thailand and in SE Asia generally.

The Money Number One Man.

Neil Hutchison is an ex-pat Aussie who resides during his waking hours in Pattaya Thailand where he is constantly building on his collage of money number one stories gathered from his own experiences in sin city and those of the countless young, middle aged and older visitors he meets in the various bars he frequents during the hours he’s neither asleep or awake.

Headed by the flagship of the collection Money Number One dubbed by the masses as “The Single Man’s Guide to Pattaya” and the “The Pattaya Bible,” the books vary in length depending on his publisher’s deadline and Neil’s notorious hangovers. However, they are all packed with vivid descriptions of the sometimes hilarious, sometimes tragic stories of those who dare cast their fate to the wind in throwing in their lot to challenge the expertise money number one philosophy of the lovely and delectable world re-known bar girls of Pattaya and Thailand in general.

If there is anything you can’t find relating to Pattaya or Thailand and its beautiful people, simply drop us a line or leave a comment and we will find it for you.


Neil, Sean and all those associated with, and who have come to love Thailand and it’s people welcome you and thank you for visiting our Site.

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