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Read the collage of Pattaya Girls stories not included in the Money Number One or Fool series of books by Neil Hutchison.Click on each Pattaya Girls story title to read the full story on the right.


Are all Pattaya Girls Fast Learners?

The first indication that Pattaya girls were learning more quickly came from the removal of the humble buffalo from their sad tales to foreign customers and boyfriends. According to sources, over the past 12 months not one farang has mentioned in conversation that he has been paying medical expenses for his tee-ruk’s buffalo.

It appears the chronic diseases which used to afflict Thai girls family buffaloes have all been miraculously eradicated. This is not to say the majestic ox has been totally removed from the Bar Hostess battle plan, because one buffalo-related incident has come to light. At the request of his charming girlfriend, the guy purchased two of the noble beasts, sight unseen. One, he named Mabel, he bought for himself as an investment. The other, he named Gertrude, was purchased by his Pattaya girl’s friend using a loan she obtained from him. Some months passed and he asked his tee-ruk how the animals were faring, adding that he would like to go to her village to check them out. His lady subsequently became sad as she informed him that, tragically, his buffalo, Mabel, had died. The good news was that her own buffalo, Gertrude, was doing well. The poor guy lamented how you can’t beat bad luck!

In the book Money Still Number One, I joked that the perfect Thai girl friend was an orphan with no friends or living relatives. It was hoped readers understood that statement was written in jest. Apparently not so, because the English proficient Pattaya Girls strategists have picked up on that one line and taken it literally. An e-mail source reported visiting a Go Go Bar on a regular basis and, over a prolonged period of time, got to chat with most of the other Pattaya girls dancing staff in Walking Street Pattaya. He swears that while going through the usual “What’s your name?”, “Where you come from?” antics, he discovered in each case, the lady’s Mama and Papa had both died.

Statistically, the chances of that occurring randomly at the one location are remote, so there are only two possibilities: Had he stumbled into the only bar girl in Pattaya perhaps the world where one line of the selection criteria reads: Before you can start work here, both your parents must be dead? Was this Go Go Bar a sort of sheltered workshop for adult female orphans or just another sad Pattaya girls story?
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