Where is Pattaya Thailand?

Nestled in the Bay of Siam on the eastern Seaboard of Thailand, Pattaya Thailand has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in South East Asia.

Around an hour and a half drive from the SUVARNABHUMI AIRPORT  by readily available taxis or buses, the  Pattaya  night life is a buzz with myriads of bars and entertainment venues scarcely equaled anywhere in world and is a single man’s playground beyond their wildest dreams with thousands of tempting  opportunities available from the many  Pattaya girls who make Walking Street Pattaya Thailand their home and work place.

Pattaya Thailand History.

Pattaya as westerners know it first started from humble beginnings as a sleepy fishing village populated by Thai fishermen and their families. However, the name Pattaya evolved as result of a conflict between two opposing forces when Phraya Tak (Who later became King Taksin) marched his army from Ayutthaya to Chanthaburi where he was confronted by a group of local troops led by Nai Klom who at the time was an influential local leader. So impressed was Nai Klom by the dignified and obvious superiority of Phra Tak and the strict disipline of his followers, he gave in without bloodshed and joined Phra Tak in his quest.

The location of the confrontation was called “Thap Phraya” meaning the army of Phraya which evolved into “Phatthaya” loosly interpereted as ” the wind blowing from the south west to the north east with the onset of the wet season.” This was later shortened to Pattaya with the influx of American troops on R&R leave from the Vietnam war during the early 1960’s but the name “Phatthaya” can still be seen in and around Pattya and on some road signs on the Sukumvit Road leading into Pattaya from the capital Bangkok.

American Troops Invade Pattaya Thailand.

Pattaya remained a tiny fishing village until a period during the early 1960’s when  American troops on leave from the fighting in Vietnam found solace and relaxation in the friendly and laid back manner of the Thai people and the added attraction of the deserted and unspoiled beaches.  It wasn’t long before the first Pattaya bar was opened by one enterprising soldier followed by another and another which heralded the beginnings of what Pattaya Thailand is today.

Pattaya Thailand Girls

pattaya thailandCertainly Pattaya has many beaches to discover as well as nearby off shore islands such a Koh Lan but visiting these places is much more fun if accompanied by one of the Pattaya girls who not only provide great company but are  also happy to act as interpreters when dealing with local venues and commercial establishments. These will try to extract as much money from tourists as possible as is the case with merchants worldwide.

Pattaya girls will also try to come between you and your money but giving your money to a beautiful and willing partner in most mens eyes is preferable to giving it to unknown street vendors and hawkers although it must be kept in mind that these people are trying to make a living by plying their trade in marketing local artifacts and produce as well.

It’s worth noting here that the people of Thailand are for the vast majority, Buddhists and that Buddhism is far more than a religion. Buddhism is way of life for these people and although many of the Pattaya girls will bend the rules somewhat in an endeavour to make money, the steeped Buddhist beliefs are never far from the surface and it’s a common site to see the bar girls of Pattaya lighting joss sticks and saying a prayer or two before they start work in the evenings.

I once asked a bar girls what she prayed for and responded saying that because she had 2 children at home in the village in Issarn being cared for by her mother, that she prayed for a rich foreigner to take her to his heart so she could make enough money in Thailand to look after her children and her elderly mother.

It’s common story in Pattaya Thailand with the majority of the girls seeking the same result and this doesn’t apply to the bar girls but to girls working in every industry and though it may be considered a pipe dream to westerners, many girls are drawn to Pattaya by the stories of others from their villages who have succeeded in achieving that aim.