princess frog

Princess Frog Breaks Neil’s Heart.

Best selling author of the money number one series has launched a new book entitled “Princess Frog.”

Unlike the Disney movie of the same title, Princess Frog is about Neil himself and is a story not to make you laugh but rather to uncover the oft times tragic results which can result from the mixed race relationships which develop between the Thai girls and western visitors and expats who are prepared to ignore not only advice from those more experienced, but also as in Neil’s case, his own which is  well documented and published in the money number one and “The Fool” series.

Having known Neil personally for many years, I can truly attest to Princess Frog being written from a heart broken by deceit and lies over a period of 9 years.

In this book Neil exposes his heart to readers in a way which can can only stem from deeply hurt pride and is written with a raging passion unsurpassed in his previous books.

I’ve been with Neil through this troubled time and have never seen him so devestated or write with such conviction and anger.

The differences between the Thai and western cultures are also well documented in the second book of the series, “A Fool in Paradise” in which Neil points out that for Thais, telling lies in order to save face or get them out of a difficult situation is common place whereas in western culture, lying to a partner is almost on the verge of infidelity.

As with the first of the series “Money Number One,” Princess Frog is a must read for those contemplating a long term relationship with a Thai girl and in it Neil Hutchison uncovers the lies, deciet and treachory he sees in the former relationship  he writes about and is truly an eye opener.

An Independant Review of Princess Frog:

The Mighty Also Fall
The author of the Pattaya Bible, Money Number One, has done it again.
He has been cheated on, deceived, lied to and almost scammed by his girlfriend of nine years.
When he tearfully told his close friends, it was suggested that if he had read a very good book beforehand maybe none of this would have happened.
That book was Money Number One and Neil freely admits that he has, once again, broken every rule he himself had devised to protect men from such disasters.  He doesn’t listen to his own advice and now it has cost him a broken heart and shattered faith in the Thai people.
As if that isn’t enough punishment, he has decided to bare his soul and let everyone know what a fool he has truly been.  The details of his heartache were recorded as events unfolded and are told in his usual heart-on-sleeve candid manner.  This is one of Neil’s tales that will not make you laugh.  Like his popular story ‘Footprints in the Sand’ in A Fool in Paradise, it is not meant to.
Further to that, he has asked that the final book be sold for a fraction of the normal price  for a period of time as a warning for anyone interested.
If you want to read a heart-wrenching tale of ruthless evil on the one side and misplaced love and trust on the other, then click on the link for your  PDF copy. 
Be warned, Princess Frog is full of raw emotion and contains a lot of expletives.  Neil remarked that while editing he removed about 90% of the swearing.  Still, there are plenty left so if you are offended by four-letter words and profanity, don’t read it.
Princess Frog contains a message and warning for all of us and Neil has drawn some realistic conclusions for anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in a similar situation.
Next time he promises to rigidly follow his own advice and set of rules.
But Neil, we’ve heard that before!

Princess Frog From Neil Nutchison:

This is a story of betrayal; betrayal of trust, love, friendship
and kindness.
It is a story of a web of lies so thick you could walk across it.
It is a story of a man in love and so blinded by that love he  overlooked the blatantly obvious in vain hope that his love was
It is a story of a man, fighting desperately to cling on to the woman he loved most in life; a man who was willing to risk all
gambling in a game he had never won.
But mostly, it is a story of betrayal.
It is my story …

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