the fool is back

The Fool Is Back

By Neil Hutchison

The sequel to A Fool In Paradise, The Fool is Back follows in the tradition of the best selling Money Number One series of hilarious books by Aussie Expat  Neil Hutchison.

The study of human stupidity is by no means new but it has provided people with some interesting reading and for some Thai girls….a lot of money.

Its well documented that if there is a right and wrong way in which to approach a task, someone will eventually and invariably try the wrong way. Whether out of experimentation or just plain stupidity is irrelevant as Neil Hutchison examines ways in which “Stupid Farangs” find and exercise the wrong way to deal with the bar girls in Pattaya in “The Fool is Back”

Another great book in the “Money Number One Series” by Neil Hutchison, “The Fool Is Back” is a 240 page humor packed follow on to his other best sellers which include “Money Number One”, “A Fool in Paradise”, and “A Fool’s Diary”.

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