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Money Number One, Book

3 In the Fool Series

By the author of best selling Money Number One, this book is the third in a trilogy of titles following the The Fool In Paradise” theme.

In this instance, ‘paradise’ is the Kingdom of Thailand and “The Fool” is of course the author himself. The first of the series A Fool in Paradise was first published in 2003 but as far as Thailand is concerned nothing has changed. It is another money number one collection made up of 39 short stories relating to life in Thailand from a foreigner’s view and is particularly targeting the entertainment scene in the popular tourist city of Pattaya.

Book contains 240 Pages

Money Number One, Book Number Two

The second book in the series The Fool is Back was released in December 2004 and followed a similar vein with 32 more short stories giving a further insight into the night life with a concentration on fun and humor.

Finally, after numerous delays due primarily to the author’s bone laziness, notorious hangovers and protestations from avid money number one fans aA Fool’s Diary emerged somehow from those overloaded, pickled and sodden brain cells.

More than a collection of tales, it chronicles a year in the life of a simple man. Sometimes insightful, sometimes philosophical, Neil Hutchison is a man of dry wit and spontaneous humor which often erupts at the most inappr0priate times and in all the wrong places but has no time or place for prisoners.

The money number one series of books are readily available in many Thai book shops but are only available in PDF format on this site, so if you want an insight into life in sin city and to learn why money number one is the catch cry of many of the Pattaya girls.


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