Walking Street Pattaya Reviewed

One of the most popular Pattaya night life spots visited by tourists venturing out at night in Pattaya and is the hub of pattaya nightlife is the infamous Walking Street Pattaya.

Beginning at the far end of Beach Road and extending to Bali Hai peer, this adult playground has become synonymous throughout the world as possibly the number one sex playground in South East Asia and is where a huge number of the Pattaya girls can be found.

Featuring numerous beer bars, go-go bars, and street walkers this short street offers the visitor to Thailand an endless choice of raunchy night spots possibly unrivaled anywhere in the world.

walking street Pattaya

Entrance to Walking Street Pattaya

With it’s bright flashing neon signs displaying every color of the rainbow and the loud music pumping out into the street after dark, Walking Street Pattaya offers the hedonistic male visitor everything his fantasies could possibly conjecture with beautiful sexy women offering their charms to one and all regardless of  looks, age, creed, religion, gender  or color.

Sprinkled with the infamous lady boys of Thailand who’s good looks are seldom even matched by Thailand’s most beautiful women, Pattaya Walking Street boasts having something for all tastes regardless of which way you swing your club and the darkened doorways and behind closed curtain glimpses of naked brown bodies writhing to the beat of heady rock and roll music, adds to the mystery and mysticism from which this famous venue has derived it’s reputation.

Pattaya walking street also features numerous restaurants with menus featuring a huge variety of sea foods and mouth watering  Indian, Italian, and European foods prepared in ways which would make a common back home restaurateur green with envy.

A normal business orientated street during the daylight hours Pattaya walking street becomes alive after 7PM and usually by 9 pm becomes a rowdy throng of fun seekers and revellers.

Running parallel with Pattaya beach and easily rivalling Bangkok nightlife, every venue has it’s own form of entertainment. Whetehr you want to start with a good meal or just a few cold beers in one of the numberous open air beer bars, Pattaya Walking Street is a great way to spend at a couple of nights experiencing what most hedonistic males only dream and fantasize about and what most females would find envy in not being a part of.

It’s not Just Walking Street Pattaya

Walking street has several smaller streets leading off it back toward Second Road or Jomtien Road with each one hosting it’s own entertainment venues which all come under the banner of Pattaya walking street. These small streets or laneways are called sois and one such soi is soi Diamond where there a further assortment of go-go bars and srtip joints each with it’s individual form of entertainment…but be warned. If you are expecting to have any form of normal level conversatiat within these venues, forget it. The music is so loud at times that having any kind of conversation under shout level is pretty well impossible.

Still, you are not likely to be going to these places for conversation in the first place and as mentioned earlier, there are beer bars on main walking street where normal conversation can take place while watching the rest of the world go by.

All the entertainment is free including the bouts of Mui Thai (Thai Boxing) which can be watched in several venues in and around Walking Street Pattaya and if you want to have a small wager on the outcome, although gambling is illegal in Thailand, it can be arranged. However, be aware that much like commercial wrestling matches on TV, these matches are really nothing more than displays but still are pretty convinving and certainly entertaining.

Without doubt, most people will find walking street the most eye opening experience of a lifetime on their first visit but most find it tiring and perhaps a little boring after the first few visits.

Go Go Bar 400

The pitfalls of Walking Street Pattaya

While the entertainment is terrific and varied, like most successful venues where a lot of money changes hands, it does have it’s drawbacks. The street vendors are relentless and pushy and will do almost anything to convince you to part with your money. It’s often necessary to almost stoop to their level of ill manners in order be able to convince them to leave you alone but that does not stop the next in line to try equally as hard even having just witnessed your encounter with their rivals.

It seems at times that these people have skin as thick as a rhino and I sometimes wonder if the skulls aren’t equally as thick.

Some of the most annoying are the Indian and Pakistani tailors who will confront you with out stretched hand and smile in an effort to convince you to buy a suit or two. It’s not uncommon to have to phyically push your way past them before they will give up, only to confront again on your way back in as little time as two minutes from the last time they confronted you.

Other things you need to be aware of include the fact that everything is more expensive in Walking street including drinks and food and even more expensive yet in go-go bars.

Walking Street Pattaya Go-Go Bars

Walking street has numberous Go-Go Bars. We’ve listed just a few recommended below.

  • Alcatraz A-GoGo -Walking Street
  • Baccara A-GoGo- Walking Street
  • Baby dolls-Soi 15 Walking Street
  • Beach Club-Soi 15 Walking Street
  • Beavers-Walking Street
  • Club Misty’s-Soi 15 Walking Street
  • Club Boesche-Walking Street
  • Gentlemen’s club-Soi Diamond
  • Happy a go-go-Soi Happy off Walking Street
  • Heavens Above-Soi Diamond
  • Peppermint-Walking Street Pattaya
  • Private Dancer-Soi 15 Walking Street
  • Roxy a go-go-Walking Street
  • The Windmill-Soi Diamond

Bar Fines and Lady Drinks In Walking Street

The amount of money you can expect to pay for bar fines and lady drinks in Walking street will vary but generally speaking, both will be more expensive than in most other areas of Pattaya. Open beer bars generally charge a little over what you’d expect to pay elsewhere but bar fines and lady drinks will almost be at least double in Go-Go bars.

What are lady drinks?

Surprisingly, most bar girls don’t drink alchoholic beverages while working unless it’s a special occasion so if you buy a lady a drink, don’t be surprised if she only orders an orange juice or even a bottle of water. Lady drinks are almost always the same price regardless of what they contain and are usually double or even more than you would pay for the same drink if you ordered it for your self.

The revenue for lady drinks is split between the bar owner and the girl herself who receives her accumulative percentages at the end of each month. This supplements her income which is usually fairly meagre so don’t be a “cheap charlie” and complain about the price.

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