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While the opportunities for foreigners to be able to work in Thailand in the traditional way might be limited, there are ways in which to achieve this through what has become the fastest growing industry on the planet.
By becoming involved in this industry, you can work in Thailand and live in Thailand or anywhere else for as long as you desire or for as long as your visa permits.

No Special Skills Required to Work in Thailand

After a few trips to Thailand there are many who consider the idea of work in Thailand as a means to be able to live there on a more permanent basis. However, unless you you have a desire to maybe teach English in Thailand, your chances of you being able find gainful employment within the familiar field of the expertise you gained in your home country, will be almost non existent unless you hold some form of specialized qualifications or talents.


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Quite rightfully, work in Thailand is generally carried out by the Thais themselves so unless you’re willing to invest money in a business of some sort in Thailand or be employed by such a business for a mere pittance, there are very few options available for foreigners to work in Thailand

But…….Even if you can only use a computer to send and receive emails, you can work very successfully in Thailand without even holding a work permit and quite legally.

What I’m referring to here is an industry which is producing millionaires very quickly and some not yet even out their teens.
There’s an old saying which goes along the lines of “If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is” and while that is very true, you’ve probably experienced the situation where if you’d acted when you had that gut feeling backing that horse or that team or bought that lottery ticket, you would not now be considering the idea of work in Thailand because you would have now been in a position to not have to work at all.

Work In Thailand Worry Free!

However, regardless of your age, color, size, creed, gender, eduction or beliefs, you can become an internet affiliate marketer. and carry out your work in Thailand from your hotel room, sitting in a bar or relaxing on a beach working just a few hours per week

Mark Ling is a kiwi guy who supplemented his income while at college by delivering fast food but started playing around with Internet marketing in his spare time. However, it wasn’t his college education that made him the wealthy man he is today, it was the skills he learned in Internet Marketing and now teaches those same skills online to other people and is an ideal way in which to work in Thailand with no special skills other than knowing how to use a computer to send emails.only a full time internet affiliate marketer but had produced a system so easy to use he decided to sell it so that others could also benefit  from it.

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Last year in 2012 I started using Mark’s  system and now make money in Thailand from the comfort of my own condo in Pattaya which I purchased with the proceeds of using his system and I’m an inexperienced baby boomer!

But don’t take my word for it. Check out his explanatory videos below and realize your dream to live and work in Thailand.

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